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Destination Wedding at the Diamond Bar Golf Course

Wedding Photographer in the Pacific Northwest

Hello, my name is Ray Lundrigan and I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in the Greater Portland & Vancouver areas of the Pacific Northwest. I have an office & studio in downtown Vancouver, WA (916 Main St) where I meet with all my clients so feel free to let me know ahead of time if you'd like to drop by - I like to spend as much time away from the office photographing so I may not be here if you just drop by. I recently moved to Vancouver, WA from the Los Angeles, CA area where I spent over ten years photographing weddings and working in a high volume portrait studio. It has taken me quite some time to develop my style and I feel the Pacific Northwest will give me that final touch to my images that I love so much: Beautiful nature! My style is definitely modern but I spent so much time studying from classic photographers that I like to incorporate a more vintage feel into the final image. I have adopted the following line to describe myself as a wedding photographer: "A Modern Photographer with a Classic Style."

Full Service Wedding Photography

The services I provide my clients with is founded on delivering finished images that tell the story of their day in a detailed and organized format. I believe in a Full Service model so my clients are not having to sort through thousands of unedited images and then not knowing what to do with them. To me this is a very incomplete service, which in the end, is also a dis-service to my clients. I have had numerous people come to me after they hired a shoot-n-burn photographer (one who shows up to your wedding, photographs for a few hours and then hands you a disc of unedited images) and now they want edits done, an album and someone to sort through the thousands of images to tell their story. If that is what you are looking for then great, it is just not what I do. I assist my clients by helping to guide them through their day and providing them with a sorted, edited and concise set of imagery that they will be proud to pass on as their family heirloom.

Wedding Photographer in Portland and Vancouver

Having recently moved to the Pacific Northwest, I feel like I am starting over again but this time with over a decade of experience in the wedding photography world. I am looking forward to photographing in such places as The Brickstone Ballroom, The Academy Chapel, The Royal Oaks Country Club, The Hostess House, and The Heathman Lodge in Vancouver as well as the following places in the Portland area: The Victorian Belle, Castaway Portland, The Village Ballroom, The Northstar Ballroom, The Elysian Ballroom, Union/Pine, The West End Ballroom, Pure Space, Kimpton Hotel Vintage Portland, Oregon Golf Club, The Oregon Zoo (sounds fun!), Navarra Gardens, Black Butte Ranch and The Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (a McMenamins venue), just to name a few.

I am especially looking forward to finding couples who want to use backdrops like the rivers, mountains, water falls and the forests. Sure, it takes a little more time and effort to get to some of these places but what a stunning payoff! We have a gorgeous landscape here in the Pacific Northwest so let's put it to work for us so we can capture stunning Engagement and Wedding photography! Who's in?

Destination Wedding Photography

I spent my entire life on airplanes and living in numerous countries, which has allowed me the benefit of not only experiencing new sites and cultures but it has also given me the chance to photograph in all parts of the world. I have photographed internationally in Paris, Spain, Italy, and the British Virgin Islands and domestically in Las Vegas, all over California, Washington DC and now I get to experience the Pacific Northwest! Basically, what I am saying here is that I am passport-ready and am looking forward to getting the opportunity to document another wedding in a new and beautiful place.

Hiring Your Photographer

Are you getting married in the Portland or Vancouver areas of the Pacific Northwest and you aren't really sure what to look for in a wedding photographer?

Ray Lundrigan Photography is dedicated to tell the story of your day as it unfolds without being intrusive but also making sure every step of the day happens just the way you planned it so the photographs match your vision.

At the end of the day, your photographs will be the only thing you have to give you a visual of the memories from your wedding. Make sure you discuss what your needs really are at the end of the day. Will you be satisfied in 10 years with having a handful of Instagram images or are you looking for professional photographs, an album that you can pass on to future generations and/or wall art for your home?

If photography is important to you then you should consider the following:

  • Chemistry with your photography team: You should feel comfortable with your team as you will spend the entire day with them. Make sure they fit your personality, otherwise you might not have as much fun and the photos could reflect that.

  • Cost: Experienced and professional wedding photographers should deliver an experience as well as great value. Your investment towards one of the biggest milestones of your life is one that should be discussed in length before making a decision on your photographer. You only get one shot at this so make sure you know where photography stands in your list of priorities, and your budget - more on this below...

  • Your Budget: This is where a lot of couples forget what is important to them on their wedding day and can make the wrong decisions based on lists they find on the internet. Your budget is extremely important and you should definitely adhere to the numbers and percentages you put into your budget spreadsheet. I have seen some internet lists show photography as being only 6-8% of your entire budget, but that makes absolutely no sense if photography is important to you but you only have a $15K budget. That would mean that you only have roughly $1,200 to hire a seasoned, experienced and professional photographer that has to have liability and gear insurance, backup cameras and numerous lenses, a payroll to pay assistants and second-shooters, business licenses, studio/office overhead, etc., etc. Chances are you are not going to get exactly what you want if you budget that low of a percentage. I always tell couples who value photography that they should spend no less than 15% of their budget on photography as that will get them into the ballpark of where some seasoned photographers begin with their packages. Multiple times in my career I have been over 50% of my client's budget just because they valued their photography as one of the only parts of the wedding day they got to keep and pass on as family heirlooms. I am not saying that is is for everyone as I know couples who wanted to put the majority of their money into the food for theirs guests, and that is fine. Just know that a meal is only amazing that one time - you can't take that "amazing" with you. Again, you should weigh out each part of your wedding day as a percentage and adjust your numbers based on your importance level of each. If you don't know where to begin, then you should consider hiring a planner.

  • Hiring a Planner: Every couple I have photographed that had a planner at their wedding has told me that hiring a planner was one of the best things they did to take the stress of the day away. This also goes for the DIY minded couples. Just because you are really good at planning parties doesn't mean that you should be so hands-on for your wedding, quite the opposite. There are many planners out there who don't want to take over your day and who just want to make sure your day flows the way you envision it. Trust me on this one, unless you are getting married on a budget of just a couple thousand dollars, then do yourself a favor and at least speak to a few planners so you can see what they can accomplish for you. This is money well-spent. If you need a few names of great planners, just get in touch.

  • Your Wedding Album: Is this something you want? Even if you think you can "live without it," I can tell you stories of clients who come to me years after their wedding day and they now regret not getting an album. I'll give you an example of one... I had a couple (let's call them M&M - not their real initials) who were very DIY minded and they figured that they were savvy enough to make their own album from one of the typical online book manufacturers once they received their images from me. M&M were both very intelligent business professionals and I warned them that life would get in the way after the wedding. Not only that but the quality of one of those books will not be something that will hold up for a lifetime. They went that route anyway and I didn't say anything further on the subject. Just recently, I received an email from "M" who asked how much a wedding album would cost them. Life got in the way and their book basically fell apart at the binding. This was a wedding from 2012 and they are now regretting buying the lowest package that didn't include an album where they added the needed coverage hours. I totaled all this up and they are now going to spend nearly $2,400 extra than they would have if they would have just purchased the next package up that included the album they wanted. Actually more than that now... The day after I wrote this, "M" emailed me and said he wanted to upgrade the album size as a surprise for "M" for their anniversary. The total is now $2,900! And this is not the first time this has happened to me. Bottom line is that I truly believe that the Wedding Album is one of the most important heirlooms you can purchase from your wedding day.