Who: Lindsay & Michael
What: Wedding at the Brickstone Ballroom
When: November 05, 2017
Where: The Brickstone Ballroom in Vancouver, WA


The Brickstone Ballroom is such a wonderful venue to get married in! It is a relatively unknown gem in the downtown Vancouver region that is definitely worthy of a write-up. This building was built in 1911 and was originally an Elks Lodge all the way through the late 1970’s. The Ballroom wasn’t built until 2012, but it holds all the charm of the old building. And speaking of history…


1972 was the year that the Bride’s mother got married – in this same building!

When I first met Lindsay, she was with her mother, who I soon found out got married in this same building in 1972. When she was married here in the ’70’s it was still the Elks Lodge but it was on the third floor, just like the location of the current ballroom. If you ever come visit the Brickstone Ballroom, you will see a few photos from both of these weddings on display in the lobby cabinets. I hope it becomes a family tradition!

Our day began over at The Hilton Hotel, just blocks away from the Ballroom, where we photographed Lindsay getting ready. We were also able to capture some really nice images of the rings and jewelry she was going to wear. From there, we took the dress over to the Ballroom, where we were able to photograph it against those large picturesque windows. When Lindsay arrived at the Bridal Suite, it was time for her to get the dress on and to get ready for a Ceremony.

The day went off without a hitch and the room was full of love and happiness! Lindsay and Michael hosted a wonderful celebration that was both fun and meaningful to each family.


Lindsay and Michael’s Brickstone Ballroom Wedding in photographs…

Wedding Ring