Who: April & Frank from Colorado
What: Wedding celebration on the beach
When: June 29, 2016
Where: Hanalei
WebsiteHanalei, Kauai


Ah yes, the Kauai Wedding… This is by far my favorite moment on the Hawaiian islands. I had the lay of the land down pretty well for this five-day celebration since I’ve been there many times. Besides the wedding and celebration day, we also took hikes, boat tours, a kayak trip up the river, and multiple outings to places like the Kilauea Lighthouse and The Queen’s Bath. If I had to describe the wedding in one sentence, it would be: A beautiful wedding day with a five-day epic celebration.

When planning to get married in a destination outside of your area, there are a number of things to consider. Mainly the fact that if photography is important to you then hiring someone local is only going to provide the wedding coverage and not your entire trip. Check this page out if you want to read more about the advantages of traveling with your photographer. And now, back to this post!


This wedding was unique and personal because April and Frank omitted traditional wedding customs…


The entire wedding guest count was over 30 people, plus the couple. There were at least four homes rented and a few hotel rooms throughout the island. Most came from Colorado while a big portion also came all the way from New York. The fact that so many friends and family members made the trip just shows how special this gathering ended up being. I absolutely LOVED being a part of April & Frank’s celebration and am thankful that I was the one who got to document this occasion.

I opted to show images from the Wedding day instead of a compilation from all four days. Enjoy…


The Kauai Wedding Images…

Kauai Wedding Family Kauai Wedding RingWedding Dress Wedding ring on dress The Bride getting ready Newlywed KissCloseup of the kiss Newlyweds on the beach