Who: Chris + Megan
What: Engagement Session
When: September 17, 2017
Where: Aurora, OR
WebsiteLangdon Farms website
Photography: Ray Lundrigan
Assistant: Melodi Ramquist


This Langdon Langdon Farms Engagement shoot was a blast! We had roughly two hours to photograph Chris and Megan against really cool backdrops of a barn, a lake, and lots of greenery. We were also treated to a beautiful sunset due to the nearby fires causing the sky to be a little extra orange in color.


Do you know why I like photographing Engagement Sessions so much? Because it’s the first time I get to photograph a couple, which gives me a read on how I am going to approach their wedding!


Unfortunately I don’t get the privilege to photograph this couple’s wedding day because they already have their photographer booked. From what I understand they only had a short time to get Engagement photos done and their wedding photographer just couldn’t make any dates work, so I stepped in. This day was a day of meeting for the first time and shooting for the first time without much of a plan so it was time to improvise, which I have a lot of experience with. It was also the first time I’d been to this location so it was a day of firsts!

A quick side-note to all you photographers out there… It is important for photographers to be able to get to know their subjects, analyze the scene, and make quick decisions without hesitation, otherwise the session could fall flat and you might come across as unprofessional. It is also VERY important to know your gear and to be ready for any scenario. But I digress…

We had two golf carts, a few changes of clothes, a couple bags of lights/lenses and we were ready. Rather than tell you about the images, let’s let the images tell the story!


The Langdon Farms Engagement Shoot images…