Who: Haley & Michael
What: Wedding celebration
When: June 17, 2017
Where: 15765 Southwest Muddy Valley Road, McMinnville, OR


This was my first time photographing a wedding at the lovely Maysara Winery in McMinnville and was blown away at how massive this establishment is. If you get the opportunity to go there, take a look at how large the sliding doors really are. The couple getting married are Haley and Michael, who are two really sweet and down to earth people.


The day as it unfolded…


Detail shots is what the day began with photographically, then a few candids of the Bridal party getting ready, while just up the road we had the Groom’s party getting ready, and all that followed by a first look. The couple were then sequestered away as guests were filling the outdoor ceremony seats during this relatively hot day. The Ceremony began right on time and it was short but very sweet; there were laughs, a few tears of joy, and lots of love. Once the Ceremony was over, we proceeded to the back of the building for a few shots of the Newlyweds. The first image shown below is one of my favorites from the previously mentioned moment. The Reception was next on the list and everyone was happy and ready to party!

The speeches are typically my favorite moments from nearly all the weddings I have documented as these are usually the moments when emotions can overtake someone, making for great moments in time to be captured photographically. The speeches this night definitely delivered as the stories that the parents delivered were full of humor as well as sentimental moments. After the speeches, the happy family members and guests danced the night away to classic and current music, which was all handpicked by the couple. The evening ended with a few sunset photographs of the newlyweds in the vineyard. A great evening at this Maysara Winery Wedding!


The Photographs…