Who: Brittany + Adam
What: Wedding
When: May 5, 2018
Where: LDS Temple in Portland AND The Brickstone Ballroom in Vancouver, WA
Photography: Ray Lundrigan
Photography & Assistant: Melodi Ramquist

LDS Wedding in Portland / Reception in Vancouver

Brittany and Adam decided they would be married at The Portland Oregon LDS Temple in Lake Oswego, OR.  This is an absolutely gorgeous temple that sits on nearly 7 acres of land that is surrounded by lots of trees and seasonal flowers.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding and the setting was beautiful!


If you are familiar with how LDS Weddings happen then you will know that there will not be any photos from the marriage ceremony shown here. If you aren’t familiar then here is why I won’t be able to post images from inside the temple. There are many requirements for a couple to get married in a LDS Temple, but I won’t get into most of them here. I will only touch on why one see any inside-the-temple pictures. The main reason is that only people who have their own endowments and only valid temple recommends may witness the sealing. The ceremonies according to LDS tradition is that they are to be small and intimate inside the temple. Read more about it here.

So, my photography duties actually begin when the couple exit the doors at the temple. Well, that is not entirely true because there are family and guests arriving outside to witness the couple coming out of the temple in order to congratulate them. But the real excitement of the day started this day when Brittany and Adam suddenly burst through the doors. Melodi and I weren’t really sure what time they would be coming through the Bride & Groom exit doors but we had a rough idea when we heard “ok, any time know..” from one of the family members. Melodi and I had already made our plan on how we would capture the grand exit and so we went to our spots and waited. We only waited for four to five minutes when all of a sudden the doors burst open. Brittany and Adam entered the courtyard wearing huge smiles and this is where the day really begins.


Some highlights from Brittany and Adam’s Wedding Day…

LDS Temple Couple LDS Bridal Couple Doors LDS Newlyweds Bridal Party The Bride and Bridesmaids Groom and Groomsmen Bride and BridesmaidsBride and her sister Wedding Rings Brickstone Ballroom Bridal Party Bride and her Ladies Newlyweds Wedding Group PhotoNewlyweds kissing

Lovely couple, wonderful families coming together, very sweet and supportive friends, and beautiful settings. One couldn’t ask for more! A huge ‘thank you’ to Chrissy, Brittany and Adam for choosing us as the ones to document your special day!

-Ray & Melodi