Bridal Portrait in Santa Barbara
Ray Lundrigan Photography

Bridal Portrait in Santa Barbara

I love photographing weddings when the setting is so personal like a family home or a place where the couple first met. This particular wedding was in a absolutely gorgeous home in Santa Barbara that belonged to the Bride's aunt.

Michael and Katie are both incredibly sweet and kind people who you can tell are in complete love with each other. Anyone can see this from the moment they meet them and I am extremely grateful that they chose me to be their official photographer. 

I met Michael, Katie and Michael's sister Sarah at the Queen Mary Bridal Show in Long Beach and we had instant chemistry from the moment we met. I say this only because I feel it to be very important to have a friendly relationship so that they can relax and feel at ease, otherwise the photographs can turn out looking tense or forced. Plus, it is a lot more fun for everyone when we can all have a good time during our photo sessions.

This image was shot using natural light coming in high from the Bride's left hand side with a Canon 5D Mark III. We were inside the house in one of the small hallways that has a window facing east. I used an 85mm f/1.2 lens at f/1.6. My Shutter Speed was set to 200 at an ISO of 1600. I have a love/hate relationship with this lens because it focuses so slow when in auto focus. I tend to only use this lens with manual focus because of the time it takes to auto-focus. On the other hand, I love this lens because it produces such a beautiful picture. I use this lens quite a bit at f/1.8 to f/2.0.

This image of Katie is one of my favorite bride photos I have taken in the past few years. I realize that this image would not win any awards for composition but I just love how the light fills her face and the expression she gave is so genuine.

1/200; f/1.6; ISO 1600; 85.0 mm.