Bridal Portrait at the Sinatra home in Palm Springs.
Ray Lundrigan Photography

Bridal Portrait at the Sinatra home in Palm Springs.

I love photographing at the Twin Palms Sinatra House in Palm Springs, California. The venue is Frank Sinatra's Original Palm Springs Estate that was purchased in the 1940's that pretty much glamorized Palm Springs as a destination for Jet Setters and celebrities.

The architect for this estate was E. Stewart Williams and he completed the seemingly impossible task of building the home in just a few short months so that Frank Sinatra could hold a party to ring in the new year. The home is a wonderful place to photograph a wedding or large event because there is a beautiful shot at any angle in any room. There is also a lot of history that is still visible beyond the period it was created. One such example is the sink in one of the bathrooms that has a large crack in the basin that was caused by Frank throwing a champagne bottle at his second wife, Ava Gardner

The wedding pictured here was back in October of 2010 and the lovely couple is Kenne and Dusty. I still have the pleasure of being friends with them and they now have two young children. 

The wedding was a three day event at the Twin Palms Estate that went by too fast. Day 1 was setting up the venue with the guests and family arriving into town. This was pretty much a destination wedding as most people lived at least least two hours away. Day two was the Wedding and Reception at the estate and the post-reception was at the Ace Hotel in the downtown area of Palm Springs. Day Three was a slow day back at the Frank Sinatra Estate for a brunch and some laughs before heading back home.

The wedding day was a beautiful sunny day and a little on the warm side, but not too bad. It was a good thing that Mr. Sinatra had included air conditioning into the plans back in the 1940's. Some highlights include: Close family, happy friends, chinchillas wearing bow ties, punk-rock royalty Mike from CH3 performing the ceremony, a tree with 1,000 origami cranes that family and friends folded the day before, great food, and a stunning bride with a sweet and gentle groom - perfect!

This photo of Dusty on Frank Sinatra's piano was taken just moments before her ceremony and we debated on whether or not she should climb on top of it. As I was shaking my head and thinking twice about breaking the rules, Dusty hopped up and went right into this pose, which I feel turned out beautiful. Even though this image is a little older, I really like having it as a part of my portfolio because of the relaxed nature Dusty had at this moment. 

1/100; f/5.6; ISO 200; 28.0 mm.