Ceremony Photos at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Ray Lundrigan Photography

Ceremony Photos at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

Here we have a very long shot taken about half way down the church isle inside the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California. 

This church is massive and made the event of roughly 40 people seem tiny and extremely spread out. The lighting was very dark and it was also a pretty hot day.

The Bride and Groom at this wedding are Jack and Berenice; a very sweet couple from Long Beach who are very much in love with each other. 

This was the first time I had shot at this venue and was presented with a lot of photographing restrictions, which was a lot different than just about every catholic ceremony I had ever photographed in the past. But, at the same time, there were a lot of options I did have access to being that the venue is so large. Just to give an idea to the scale of this church, it could house a wedding of 400+ and still not appear completely full.

The main challenge though was definitely the low light factor. I was shooting with two Canon 5D Mark III bodies and an Olympus EM5 mirrorless camera, which is where this image came from. The lens on my micro 2/3rd camera was a 17mm, which is the equivalent (somewhat) of a 35mm lens on a full frame DSLR. This photograph came out pretty grainy at the ISO 2000 setting but I feel that it adds to the drama of this darkened hall. I converted the image to black & white because there were some distracting colors, like red Exit signs, and then I added a sepia toner to it with a Nik filter.

1/200; f/6.3; ISO 2000; 17.0 mm.