Ray Lundrigan Photography

Frequently Asked Questions, with answers...

  • How would you describe your wedding shooting style?
    1. I know the trend today is to shoot strictly journalistically or 100% candid but I prefer to capture images that tell the story of your day as it unfolds, no matter what style it falls into. Occasionally we may get into some basic posing because of the fun aspect of the moment but at other times it is simply the emotion that gets captured. I believe that photographers should not interfere with beautiful moments in time and should simply record what is there as it happens. I find the best photos to be those that show real moments and emotions of you and your guests having a great time and not forcing any poses. To answer the question in one word, my style is storytelling.

  • Is an Engagement Session included in any of your packages?
    1. Yes, in all of them. I feel very strongly that an Engagement Session is not only fun but also a way for us to get to know each other on a professional level before your big day arrives. Establishing this relationship prior to your wedding allows me to know what to look for on the day of your wedding as well as how you interact with each other so I can capture your relationship together. It also allows you to have been in front of the camera with me, which will make you more at ease on the big day.

  • Do we get every photograph you take at our wedding?
    1. No. Each collection is designed to give you more than enough images to tell the full story of your day. To be quite honest, the images you don’t get are really only the ones with closed eyes, transition looks (usually ones when someone is speaking and their mouth is wide open and/or not flattering), any test shots I may take, etc. and these are “trashed” immediately. The last thing you need to do is cull through a few thousand images, most of which might be very similar – I take care of that for you.

  • How many photographers/assistants come with you on the wedding day?
    1. You will always get me as your primary photographer as well as my assistant, who will also capture key moments as well.

  • Can you help us with the timeline planning?
    1. Of course. I believe that your photographer should always be a part of the timeline preparation and you should never have to tackle this on your own. Being that I have done this for so many years, I would prefer to be a part of this process and I'll be glad to help guide you through it.

  • Do you charge Sales Tax? What if we live in Oregon where there is no tax?
    1. Yes, I have to according to the law of Washington state, which is 8.4%. Now, if you live in the state of Oregon, where there is no sales tax, then you will not be charged any tax. You must be able to prove that you live in Oregon in order to not be charged sales tax.

  • Do you photograph same-sex marriages? If so, have you?
    1. Of course and yes, I have. Love is love, no matter what the orientation, height, color, culture, religion, etc. I am always honored to be included as a part of any wedding celebration.

  • Do you offer professional retouching services of blemishes?
    1. Yes – Basic blemish removal is part of my Standard Editing process.

  • Do you offer professional retouching services of blemishes and does it cost extra to have images edited?
    1. Yes – Basic blemish removal is part of my Standard Editing process. If you are going to purchase a canvas or framed print for the home then I make sure it is fully edited for you. If you are looking to take an image and have a complete Beauty Edit done to it for your Facebook page then yes, there would be a charge.

  • Do we get the Raw files?
    1. No. All the images you receive are the final product and what I have come to be known for. Again, delivering an unedited Raw file would be giving you an incomplete service. I equate that to going to a restaurant and asking for the filet mignon and then getting a piece of uncooked meat that I now need to take home to season and grill myself. It just doesn't make sense that anyone would hire a professional to perform a service and be happy with an unfinished product.

  • How far do you travel for weddings
    1. There are three categories of travel in my business; Driving Distance, Domestic Airplane/Boat/Train Distance and International Airplane/Boat/Train distance. I do have fees associated with any travel that involves spending the night(s) in another city and those fees vary based on the distance, and time away from the office. Basically, you are responsible for the package price + expenses + travel rate. To answer the question directly though, I have photographed weddings as far away as Paris, France, so yes, I do travel. I make sure that the value you get with hiring me to travel with you is well worth the cost. I don't look at Destination Events as a vacation, I take them very seriously and am usually exhausted at the end of them.

  • Do you have experience with travel to other countries?
    1. Yes, I have spent my life on airplanes and have shot in many different countries. I am passport-ready and was very lucky to have parents that liked to travel all over the world so I definitely have that “need-to-see-the-globe” bug in me. And what a better way to record your time in an exotic land than with photographs!

  • Do you have backup equipment?
    1. Always! I travel with at least three cameras, lots of lenses, lights, modifiers and batteries to handle just about any situation. I carry top-of-the-line Canon camera bodies and pro lenses. Pro lenses are all fast and made for low light, which is necessary for most ceremonies when flash is not allowed.

  • How long before I receive my photos and album after my wedding?
    1. Approximately 30 days after your wedding we will have a viewing session where you can bring anyone from your family and bridal party over to go through your day’s photos. The album takes 5-8 weeks for production once I get back your images and you approve the layout.

  • Do you offer videography?
    1. No, BUT, occasionally I will capture certain key moments on video to add in as snippets for a photo/video montage, if that is part of your collection. Please know that I am primarily a photographer, which is what I get hired to do at your event. I cannot take direction or be asked to change my photography process to capture video for your event, even though I will shoot a few moments for the montage. You can see examples of the montages I put together in the Video section of my site.

  • My venue needs you to have insurance, are you covered?
    1. Of course. I am fully insured and can have your venue named on my policy and send them a copy so they have that on file if needed.

  • Can you hold my date without a deposit?
    1. Sorry, no date can be held without payment.

  • How much is the deposit and what forms of payment do you accept?
    1. I require a minimum of $1,000 to hold-the-date in my calendar and I accept credit cards, checks and cash.