St. Denis Catholic Church Wedding
Ray Lundrigan Photography

St. Denis Catholic Church Wedding

The St. Denis Catholic Church in Diamond Bar California is a very large house of worship that has beautiful light that comes in through the high windows and stained glass. The building has a lot of windows made of gorgeous and colorful stained glass that casts pastel colors inside the church when the sun shines through them. 

The outside has a huge courtyard with a stone fountain that the staff will turn on as the guests come out of a ceremony so that photos may be taken around it.

This photograph of the Bride was shot right after she got out of the car that brought her to the church as we were trying to get her hidden away before the guys showed up. As we were walking Jean (the Bride) started throwing her veil up in the air and this shot was captured. 

I was using a Profoto B2 off camera that my assistant was holding on a Manfrotto monopod. We were using a OCF Octa diffusor with a grid to narrow the light onto the subject. I opted for a 24-70mm although my 50mm would have worked out just as well. I chose a aperture of f/5 so that the details along the outdoor corridor would still have a little detail immediately behind the bride.

1/60; f/5.0; ISO 200; 55.0 mm.