Vintage Themed Wedding
Ray Lundrigan Photography

Vintage Themed Wedding

The Kellogg House at Cal Poly Pomona was a place that I loved photographing at when I was living in Southern California. This venue can accommodate parties of up to 200 so it tends to be a little more of an intimate setting.

The home has a lot of history behind it and a number of famous people have seen their way through this lovely home in the hills of the Pomona Valley. You might recognize the Kellogg name from a few famous cereals that are still on the shelves of grocery stores today!

As it stands today, it is a very cozy and intimate location to host weddings at and there are multiple ways of customizing your experience to make it special and unique. One such unique wedding was Kory and Bianca's celebration that was filled with love, fun and smiling faces, just like in this photo.

I absolutely loved working with this couple as they were both genuine, extremely down to earth and were naturals in front of the camera.

The venue was filled with hundreds of orange potted mums and they also lined all the edges of the reception area, which made for bright colors in the backgrounds - you will see the effects of this lovely feature in other photos on my Portfolio page like here: /usdqg3nigeq

Their dance floor was one of the more lively and active ones I have probably seen. The music was varied and included Classic Rock, R-n-B, Hip-Hop and even some Hair Rock, but the dance floor stayed full. The entire evening looked like this scene: /hb1zyqrkcld

Back to this photograph for a minute though... We only had about 20 minutes of any daylight left so we had to deliver some nice portraits from a quickly changing scene in a very short amount of time. Kory and Bianca never got stressed out that we were running a little behind, they just went with the flow and kept on having having fun.

1/200; f/2.8; ISO 6400; 63.0 mm.