Wedding at the Muckenthatler Mansion
Ray Lundrigan Photography

Wedding at the Muckenthatler Mansion

The Muckenthatler Mansion, or "The Muck" as it is known as in the area, is a fun venue and I will miss shooting there since my move to the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Washington to be exact). The venue has a lot of places to get all kinds of looks in and a ton of spots for Detail photographs.

One of my favorite things I do at every wedding is to start off with some detail shots of the rings, the dress, shoes, jewelry, personalized accessories, etc. It is sort of a warm-up ritual that gets me geared up and sets the tone for the rest of the day. These are the moments when I need to get my mind primed to be creative and start the process of looking for the light.

This particular shot was taken in the courtyard area where they have a small sitting bench that is covered in a shiny gold finish that reflects a lot of light. I used a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens at an ISO of 400, a shutter speed of 200 with an aperture of f/20. No additional light was needed as the sun was still up at this moment, which is why I was able to shoot at f/20. The background is pretty much the shadows from the bushes that surround the bench, which I feel add an interesting background scene.

These rings belong to a lovely couple, Angel & Rachel, who held their entire event at The Muckenthatler Cultural Center. Extremely sweet couple with a super nice family and group of friends. I am extremely grateful and honored that they chose me as their photographer.

1/200; f/20.0; ISO 400; 100.0 mm.