Wedding Portrait Session at Diamond Bar Golf Course
Ray Lundrigan Photography

Wedding Portrait Session at Diamond Bar Golf Course

This is one of my favorite images from 2015 that resulted from being hired by a lovely couple who were looking to have a destination wedding in the Southern California area.

Randall and Stephanie and I met at a Bridal Show on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA where I was exhibiting my work and we immediately hit it off. They were looking for a Full Service and experienced photographer who could spend an entire day capturing their big day here in the United States.

This shot was taken during their Creatives portrait session, which was after the Wedding Ceremony and all the family and bridal-party photos were taken. We were allowed to take a few golf carts around to key spots at the Diamond Bar Golf Course and this was one of the three places we stopped at. It appears as if the area is a large tropical area but in reality it is only about 15, maybe 20 square feet in total. Randall and Stephanie were having so much fun and totally at ease that they just went into this pose immediately.

I shot this with my Canon 5D Mark III with a 70-200mm f/2.8 at around 130mm. No additional lighting was needed as we still had a little sun poking through the clouds right before it set. We were all ready to add a little fill light with my Canon 600 Speedlite but it just wasn't necessary. Also, it was shot on Aperture Priority at f/2.8 with a +1/3 exposure compensation and a shutter speed of 640.

1/640; f/2.8; ISO 400; 130.0 mm.